News and notices. August 25, 2015

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IAPB Africa newsletter

The IAPB Africa Newsletter (now in Volume 4), is a quarterly publication of 10-15 pages. It contains a number of regular features such as the editorial, new knowledge section, data updates, up-coming events in the eye health world, updates from members, new programme initiatives as well as themed issues around emerging issues of interest to the eye health fraternity, such as mHealth, SDGs, HMIS, strategic advocacy and technology.

The readership, comprising INGO staff, professional associations, Ministries of Health, research institutions and individual eye health professionals, has increased enormously over the last 2 year from a round 300 to an estimated 1,500 – and keeps growing.

We encourage everyone with an interest in eye health in Africa to subscribe to this important publication and to engage fully with the editorial team regarding content, perspectives on key issues and suggestions for future editions.

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