News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 26 No. 82 2013. August 05, 2013

Book review. Ophthalmic dictionary and vocabulary builder for eye care professionals, 4th edition

Reviewed by Nick Astbury

This reference book informs the reader about the context and derivations of words, so helping to build up a rounded knowledge of the ophthalmic vocabulary. The book is illustrated throughout with line drawings and colour photographs.

Personally I miss seeing Snellen acuity expressed in metres (6/6) but I realise that this is an American text; however, it would be useful to include a LogMar equivalent under the estimation of visual acuity. A reference to small incision cataract surgery would also be helpful, considering its widespread use in low- and middle-income countries.

This remains a professionally written, practical and informative dictionary and vocabulary builder which would sit comfortably on the bookshelf of any ophthalmic technician, eye care professional, administrator, or editor.

Cost: UK £38. To order, visit and enter the discount code CEHJ23 to get a 20% discount, or email or call +44 1752 202-301 and give the same discount code. Valid until 31/10/13.

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